Make pet waste disappear: This product makes pet waste disappear and controls odors. It’s a must have for any responsible pet owner that would like to environmentally dispose of their pet waste. The paper sachets contain bacteria that is made specifically to deal with the types of matter that your pet eats.

Makes pet waste disappear and controls odours


- Works through the waste faster- Stops your garbage bin from stinking
- Stops the poo going to landfill
- Attracts worms to your garden (When using the   BioBin)
- Feeds the plants (keep away from veggie gardens)
- Creates fertiliser

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Environmentally dispose of your pet waste


- Keep the poo from making the garden smell
- Keeps the garden clean and healthy
- Stop the poo going to landfill
- Creates fertiliser

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  • Norma Hiles

    My septic tank has had an odour for months. Embarrassing when people come around. I had it pumped out and still had the odour. I went on to Google and thought I'd ring Biomaster. I purchased the pack and had it sent in overnight mail. I put the tiny sachet in the toilet as per the instructions and I have had no odour since. It works.

  • Ann Cathrine Rousseau

    Excellent stuff works very well. Highly recommended have used it now for the last eight years no problems with the septic tank at all.

  • Marion Taylor

    I have used this product. Its excellent. I inherited a very smelly tank (with a soakage pit). I had it pumped out, added blood and bone as I was advised (there were no dead cats at hand!). Nothing helped until I tried the Biomaster Flush it product. It worked like a dream. I use it monthly and now also use their drain and grease products regularly. Highly recommended.

  • Wayne Adams

    It works 100per cent.

  • Gordon Anderson

    We had a plumber tell us our drainfield was too small when it was a normal size but we gave our system 2 goes of the shock treatment and it's fixed.

  • Rhonda Stubs

    I have had Septic Tanks for over 30 years on two different properties and have never had to have them pumped out. A properly maintained septic should not require pumping. Good Bacteria is key.

  • Georgia Green

    I used this.... this week actually....just as a prophylactic....but I was really surprised that the toilet started flushing really well again and there used to be a funny black stain come into the bowl...well....all clear now.... product arrived in good time too.... thank you

  • Errol Sponneck

    I didn't have a problem but i decided to try the product a month ago anyway. I'm very pleased with the results so far. Whenever the showers upstairs were being used I had a gurgling in my laundry downstairs. It disappeared after just one day so there must have been a blockage. Now one month later I have put in the second dose. I have now also bought the compost improver and the stuff for the grease trap too.

  • Julia Ritson

    My septic had a serious problem when my husband was having chemo for myeloma. I tried other products that the hardware and supermarkets sell and they didn’t work. I came across  your products and tried the “flush it” starter pack and was amazed how well and how quick it worked. I did need to use it regularly and sometimes after his treatment I used extra sachets.

  • What is the difference between Bacteria and Enzymes?

    Bacteria form their own enzymes to deal with the waste they encounter. Enzymes can be deactivated by harsh cleaning products – the bacteria form more enzymes to take their place.

  • How long does it take for the smell to go once I have treated it?

    For septic tank treatment – it takes 1 – 3 days for the smell to completely go.  It starts to lessen in one day.  For sinks and drains – the smell Is usually gone in 24 hours.

  • Does Flush-It work for long drop toilets at a campsite?

    Flush-It is ideal for long drop toilets – currently used by NSW Parks and Wildlife for this purpose.

  • The difference between the Starter Pack and the normal pack of Flush-It?

    The Starter Pack is for use for either new systems or when your system is in trouble – i.e. producing smell or soggy drain fields or overflowing. These two sachets have a higher count of Beneficial Bacteria in and you use the two sachets in the first week – a shock dose. If you have two toilets, use one sachet in the toilet furthest from the septic tank and 2 days later use the other one in the second toilet. After that you should be able to go to one sachet per month for the whole system.The Flush-It two pack, 3 pack or 12 pack are suitable to maintain a system that is working, but by using Flush-It – one sachet per month, will cut down on pump outs and keep both the drain field and septic tank healthy and working efficiently and smell free.

  • Why does my bathroom still smell when I have just cleaned it?

    Because the pipe that runs from the grating to the UBend collects toothpaste, body wash, shampoo etc. then hair and other material sticks to it – this becomes smelly and makes your bathroom “woofy” even when it is clean.  (Don’t forget the floor drain as well).  Use Drainpower – just a cupful down each outlet last thing at night will solve the problem.

  • Can I use Yogurt to make my septic work?

    Some people say that Yoghurt/Milk fixes their septic system and is good for it.  Yoghurt/milk will not do any harm to your septic, but will not get rid of the septic smell caused by lack of good beneficial bacteria and it will not break down the solids in your septic thereby causing the drain field to become slow and eventually blockages may occur.  In the "good old days" people used dead roadkill, blood and bone, yeast, molasses or other tried and tested cures for their stinky septics, but because today we have much harsher and more diverse cleaners, cleansers, shampoos and medications, a wide spectrum of good bacteria such as in Flush-It (which has 60 different strains of beneficial bacteria)  is required and reduces the need for expensive pump outs.

  • Can I use ROADKILLto make my septic work?

    In the "good old days" people used dead roadkill, blood and bone, yeast, molasses or other tried and tested cures for their stinky septics, but because today we have much harsher and more diverse cleaners, cleansers, shampoos and medications, a wide spectrum of good bacteria such as in Flush-It (which has 60 different strains of beneficial bacteria) is required and reduces the need for expensive pump outs.

  • Can I use Blood and boneto make my septic work?

    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, blood and bone won't get rid of the smell and it doesn't have the bacteria needed to actually break down the waste. Flush-It has up to 60 different strains that are designed to deal with the complex things that go down your sinks, toilets and drains.

  • Can I use Sugarto make my septic work?

    Sugar/Molasses excites bacteria for a short amount of time but doesn't continue to work in the drain field. There are a lot of home remedies out there that help for a short time but they just aren't as efficient as Flush-It. We have designed our bacteria to deal with problems like smells and blockages because we had a septic tank problem over 15 years ago so we worked with scientists to create something amazing that not only worked for us but for others with the same problem.

  • Suggestions for keeping your system safe?

    Chemicals like solvents, oils, paints, disinfectants, pesticides, household cleaning products and bleaches can kill the bacteria in your septic system. This may kill the system and stop it digesting effluent.

    Solution: switch to septic safe products and use smaller amounts than you usually would.
    Also changing washing powders can make a difference. Septic systems don't like too much phosphorus so look for low-phosphorous or phosphorus-free detergents and that will help.

  • Why do I have a smell from my Sullage/Grey Water tank

    The smell is caused by the formation of algae in the tank. You can use Flush-It to get rid of the smell. We have a lot of customers that use Flush-It specifically to solve this problem.

    It is best to put the Flush-It into an old stocking with some stones to weight it down and hang it into the tank.  That way you can always replenish the Flush-It later.

  • Can I use Garden Limeto stop my septic smelling?

    Garden lime will temporarily get rid of the smell but will not address the problem of there being a lack of bacteria to break the waste down.

    A wide spectrum of good bacteria such as in Flush-It (which has 60 different strains of beneficial bacteria) is required to work efficiently in the tank but also will stop blockages in the drain-field.

  • The septic tank that was brought back to life from the dead...

    Here is my horror story…
    Our septic tank outflow into the gravel beds was becoming really smelly so we contacted a septic tank pumping company (as the tank had never been pumped in its 20 year life). They arrived with their metal detector and found a possible tank beneath our pavers. So we dug up quite a large area of pavers and the soil underneath only to see that we had only found a transfer box where the overflow from the septic tank went before it transferred to the gravel beds.

    Looking at the direction of the transfer box input, it became clear that the actual septic tank was underneath our tankstand which is a large concrete slab supporting a 22,500 litre rainwater tank. To pump the septic tank would require emptying and removing the rainwater tank and then breaking up the concrete slab in order to access the septic tank.

    We decided to leave it for the time being and so filled in the hole above the transfer box and restored the pavers, leaving the smelly outflow still there. Then I searched the internet and found Biomaster treatment packs which I immediately purchased. We followed the treatment guide for a problem system and in a couple of weeks the smell disappeared. Now we find we only need to repeat the maintenance treatment every couple of months to maintain a smell-free system. Many thanks Biomaster!
    Colin H

  • The deadly smell that almost destroyed a couple. Inside and outside, nowhere was safe...

    Moving from the city to the country in March 2017 meant that many physical, emotional and practical adjustments had to be made.The biggest adjustment in  the early stages was to having a septic tank and no town water!  That was a HUGE change, and to top it off, we had to pay a plumber for a contract to service the unit several times a year.  

    But the SMELL!  How were we going to survive that??  If the wind blew the wrong way, (and any way seemed to be the wrong way), the house reeked of sewage, and nowhere, inside or outside, was pleasant to sit and relax. The plumbers didn't seem to have an answer, turning  the agitator up, turning the agitator down, shutting the windows (!), changing the taps to allow water to run to the garden, all to no avail. We were very careful to buy "septic safe" detergent products for both the laundry and kitchen, making sure we did our bit in an effort to solve the problem.

    The plumbing contract allowed us to have four visits per year, we certainly exceeded THAT number in our first year! THEN, we discovered Biomaster, and Flush-it.  What a great discovery!  The smell was greatly reduced, we could open the windows near the bathroom and get (almost) fresh air.  We became conscientious users of Biomaster's products, despite the contract plumber's words "Oh no, don't use that". Did they even know what it was?
    Time went on and we still got unpleasant "whiffs" from the septic tank but there came a time when we had to call a different plumber for another reason.  

    After a conversation about the septic tank the second plumber investigated and found that the silicone seal around the base of the toilet unit was cracked, thus releasing odours directly into the house. The crack was sealed with silicone, no more nasty smells in the house or around the house outside. What a relief! It was possible to invite visitors to our new abode, without the anxiety of being unable to provide gas masks for them.

    We have changed the plumbing arrangements and continue to use Biomaster products with great faith that the septic system is now being managed as well as possible. In the short term Flush-it solved our problem and we believe that it will be a great product into the future.

    Leonie and Claire L

  • When the cost of a new system scares you half to death...

    I first saw a post about Biomaster products on Facebook about 4 months ago, at the time we were starting to think our Septic had reached its use by date and we were going to have to get the whole system replaced, we were having to pump out our tank twice a week at this stage. I decided we had nothing to lose by giving Flush-It a try.  

    We started using it once a week for a month and noticed a huge improvement after about 3 weeks (back to pumping it out once a week).  We now use Flush-It once a month and have not had to pump out our tank at all for about 5 weeks. I intend to keep using Flush-it once a month from now on, thank you so much for this amazing product, I’m so glad I decided to give it a try.

  • The dark muck that came up from the drain to ruin lives...

    It started out simply enough. First there was a bit of a smell in the air (not all the time, just every now and then). I didn’t think too much of it, until the shower drain started running slow and the bathroom sink had a bit of a smell about it. I was able to get the shower drain to unclog by using my foot as a plunger and “paddling” over the drain until it subsided. The worst of it being that I was paddling in greywater...hmmm maybe it was a bit darker than that...    

    The toilet was the next thing to play up (naturally) I’m told things happen in 3's. I wasn’t about to stick my foot in the toilet to use as a plunger, so I grabbed the mop and plunged it up and down until it cleared. Oh well I needed a new mop anyway. Thanks to some strategic advertising by the good people at BioMaster, I found the answer to my Septic horror story when I Googled “How to fix Septic Tank problems "naturally" Australia?” and an article about “Flush-it” came up. I ordered a starter pack and within a few days I was able to kick-start the Septic and get it healthy again, thanks to this Australian made product.
    Don T

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