Why do Queenslanders experience more problems with their Septic Tanks

Why do Queenslanders experience more problems with their Septic Tanks

We get a lot of people from Queensland buying our products. So how is Queensland different from the rest of Australia when it comes to Septic Systems?

Queensland has different weather patterns. There are three septic tank problems that really worry people - smells, overflows and drain field blockages. When they get rain, they get it in big batches and this can cause drain field flooding and tank overflows.

 When there is a drought it can really effect things too. People use less water during this time which can leave the tank with a much thicker consistency of waste, which needs more bacteria to process. So as a Septic Tank owner, you aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, it may be that you need the system to be processing the waste more efficiently. This means that when the weather changes drastically, you need to have enough beneficial bacteria to handle the situation.

Queenslanders often ring because they know they haven't done anything wrong with their septic. They've probably had it for years and all of a sudden they've got a problem. The problem they encounter is usually the smell because they have had too much rain and the trench is absolutely saturated. When the trench is partially blocked, the septic can't run through the drain field and therefore the septic starts to overflow creating a smell outside and inside the house.

The way we fix this is to flush some Starter Packs through the toilet’s quickly, to get that septic tank functioning at it’s best. In a lot of cases we have to use some Grease Gone as well in order to get the grease moving. The grease can settle and set within the drain field pipe work which can cause big expensive problems like $15,000 for a drain field replacement. So you can see that by staying on top of the grease and the waste your system can last for decades without failing.

So why is it that Queensland is the most popular state for people to use our product?

Queensland is quite rural compared to a lot of Australia and there are less sewage systems once you get away from the main cities on the coast.
Our Queensland customers have been telling each other about how well our products work and and that they haven't found anything else that has worked as well. So once they find out that it works, they just stay with us for years. They often give us the best feedback too.

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