Pet Waste

Make Your Pet Waste Disappear in an Eco Friendly Way

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Make pet waste disappear: This product makes pet waste disappear and controls odors. It’s a must have for any responsible pet owner that would like to environmentally dispose of their pet waste. The paper sachets contain bacteria that is made specifically to deal with the types of matter that your pet eats.

Makes pet waste disappear and controls odours


- Works through the waste faster- Stops your garbage bin from stinking
- Stops the poo going to landfill
- Attracts worms to your garden (When using the   BioBin)
- Feeds the plants (keep away from veggie gardens)
- Creates fertiliser

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Environmentally dispose of your pet waste


- Keep the poo from making the garden smell
- Keeps the garden clean and healthy
- Stop the poo going to landfill
- Creates fertiliser

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