7 Handy hints to help you care of your septic tank system

7 Handy hints to help you care of your septic tank system

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Here is a list of our top tips to help you care for your septic system.

1. Septic Safe Products

Household detergents and bathroom products should be biodegradable. Find products that are ‘septic safe’ and use only as recommended. Just to note, most household cleaners are not Septic Safe (So get rid of them all and replace with products marked septic safe)

2. Use Bacteria in your septic system

This is the best way to make sure your system doesn't get overloaded. Use it in the toilet, kitchen and bathroom drains and also in your grease trap if you have one. The best one to start with is our Kickstart Pack below.

3. Don't use these cleaning items

Vinegar - many people use this as a natural alternative but it will kill the good bacteria in the tank



Hand Sanitiser

Toilet Cleaner - There are septic safe ones out there

Washing Powder - There are septic safe ones out there

Shower Cleaner - There are septic safe ones out there

Dishwashing Machine Powder - There are septic safe ones out there

Dishwashing Liquid - There are septic safe ones out there


4. Less Kitchen waste down the sink

Thoroughly scrape all food scraps, oil and fat residue from plates, dishes and saucepans etc. before washing. Avoid fitting food waste disposal units. Instead compost raw vegetable materials in a compost bin or worm farm.

5. Watch what goes down the sink/toilet

Use toilet paper that readily breaks down and don't flush sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable nappies or wipes etc. into the septic tank – these items do not break down and will cause the septic tank to block. Keep a bin near the toilet so it encourages guests to do the right thing to look after your septic. Even big cities are spending millions of dollars fixing these problems so it may be wise for you too.

6. Septic Tank Failure Symptoms

The most obvious septic system failures are easy to spot. You can check for pooling water or muddy soil around your septic system or that nasty septic smell. You might also notice strips of bright green grass over the drain field or greasy pools coming to the surface.

7. Do you have slow running toilet/drains? 

There are sure-fire signs that you need to add bacteria to clean the pipework in your home. This may be your toilet not flushing properly, sinks being slow to drain, shower drain backing up or/and your laundry drain being slow to empty. 


Save the worry and expense of a badly functioning system. Add the appropriate Biomaster bacteria.

Click here for a video explanation to find out more 

The 'Kickstarter Pack' below is the best way to get your system clean and healthy with no smell or blockages.


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