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Reduce Fat, Oil and Grease in the Grease Trap by 75% and Avoid Pipework Blockages

Avoid costly grease trap blockages and smells: The smell of a grease trap is an odour that is just plain unpleasant. Biomaster has created Grease Gone that gets rid of up to 75% of the grease and turns it to grey water. This also means that you don’t have to clean it anywhere near as often. See the video for more details.

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Reasons to use bacteria in your grease trap

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Avoid plumbers call outfees for blockages

The water soluble sachets are safe, easy to use and effective on all types of grease traps (Commercial and Domestic).

Using 1 teabag sized sachet of good bacteria is a DIY solution that is...
- Faster
- Cheaper
- Easier than calling a plumber

and helps you avoid:
- Expensive and inconvenient    visits from the plumber
- Blockages in the pipework
- Smells in the kitchen

Environmentally safe and non-toxic.

The good bacteria actually digest common pollutants.

Grease Gone contains over 60 different strains of powerful organic
grease-eating bacteria that can turn up to 75% of fat, oil and grease to

No need to pumpout your domestic grease trap

Using good bacteria will:
- Stop the smells
- Stop blockages
- Clean the pipework from the    kitchen to the grease trap
- Clean the grease trap itself

Get rid of the disgusting job of grease trap cleaning, because up to 75% of the fat, oil and grease turns to water.

Simply dissolve one of the sachets in 2 litres of warm water and pour down the kitchen sink last thing at night.

Avoid loss of business due to smells

The loss of money from the kitchen being in chaos is bad for business.Customers will not eat at a venue with nasty smells (of which grease traps have the worst) coming from the kitchen.Mismanaged grease traps can lead to the council closing your business down. Grease Gone has been independently tested by the Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre and proven to reduce fat, oil and grease
content in a typical grease trap by over 75%.

  • Regards Christy – VIC ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I purchased a purple packet of your "Grease Gone" product some years ago it contained 9 x 7 gram treatments. It was THE best product for my kitchen and laundry that I have ever used.

    I have been unable to find it again and have tried other products by other companies with varying degrees of success; certainly none were as effective as yours! Is the "Flush it" advertised on your site as good? If it is I would like to purchase quite a few packets. I look forward to your response."

  • Graham – ACT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Here are my thoughts on Grease Gone.-To be short, it works! After months of tolerating a foul-smelling grease trap I happened on Grease Gone during a desperate web search. I phoned and was assured the product was what we needed.

    It arrived promptly and I put it into action. With one application we had a dramatic improvement. We now do a regular maintenance dose and it looks like we are cured. So easy… Just mix with a little water and pour down the drains. Thoroughly recommended product, good old fashioned service.

  • Dave – NT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    As a plumber I am often called upon to clear drains choked by grease. At one particular restaurant property, I found myself clearing the drains
    of grease downstream up to 5 times per year. Admittedly the restaurant is too far away from the grease trap and the drains appear to be poorly laid – with flat spots and some areas of back fall, and therefore a constant problem for both the restaurant operator and the owner of
    the complex.

    Since using Grease Gone I have had to clear the drain only once, and then only because the restaurant operator ran out of Grease Gone and thought he did not need to keep using it (or so he said!) Whilst some would argue that Grease Gone is doing me out of a job, any
    plumber that has cleared a grease-choked drain would know it is one of the worst drain cleaning experiences of all. I highly recommend Grease
    Gone. Best regards.

Reasons to use bacteria in your restaurant's grease trap...

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