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3 Pot Plant Hanger

3 Pot Plant Hanger

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An eye-catching, stylish and functional addition to any outdoor area, this space-saving 3 pot plant hanger has individual levels for a selection of delicious herbs, decorative flowers, trendy succulents or small plants.

Standing at 79cm tall and 15cm wide, the 3 pot plant hanger is the perfect addition to any outdoor living or entertaining area such as courtyard, balcony or porch and can easily be hung on walls or fences using four screws or hooks.  The 3 pot plant hanger is also perfect for the construction of ‘green walls’ and vertical gardens.  Manufactured from 100% recyclable material using a certified carbon-neutral production process, this durable unit is UV stabilised for sun and weather resistance to ensure a long and functional lifespan.  The attractive slate/charcoal grey coloured finish is appealing in any setting and will really make your plants pop.

Great for all gardeners, from beginner level to expert, the 3 pot plant hanger is also ideal for anyone unable to kneel or bend over for sustained lengths of time, saving your knees and back with the convenience of easily accessible plant compartments.

Flat packed, some simple assembly is required with easy-to-follow instructions included.  Plants and pots are not included.

- Perfect for hanging on outdoor walls, fences and vertical surfaces where space may be limited.

- Ideal for the construction of green walls and vertical gardens.

- Durable, UV stabilised material ensures long life and weather resistance.

- Easy construction and use, can be hung at any height.

- Please note that pots and plants are not included with the purchase.

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