The septic tank that was brought back to life from the dead...

The septic tank that was brought back to life from the dead...

Here is my horror story…

Our septic tank outflow into the gravel beds was becoming really smelly so we contacted a septic tank pumping company (as the tank had never been pumped in its 20 year life). They arrived with their metal detector and found a possible tank beneath our pavers. So we dug up quite a large area of pavers and the soil underneath only to see that we had only found a transfer box where the overflow from the septic tank went before it transferred to the gravel beds.

Looking at the direction of the transfer box input, it became clear that the actual septic tank was underneath our tankstand which is a large concrete slab supporting a 22,500 litre rainwater tank. To pump the septic tank would require emptying and removing the rainwater tank and then breaking up the concrete slab in order to access the septic tank. We decided to leave it for the time being and so filled in the hole above the transfer box and restored the pavers, leaving the smelly outflow still there.

Then I searched the internet and found Biomaster treatment packs which I immediately purchased.

We followed the treatment guide for a problem system and in a couple of weeks the smell disappeared. Now we find we only need to repeat the maintenance treatment every couple of months to maintain a smell-free system. Many thanks Biomaster!

~ Colin H

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