The deadly smell that almost destroyed a couple. Inside and outside, nowhere was safe...

The deadly smell that almost destroyed a couple. Inside and outside, nowhere was safe...

Moving from the city to the country in March 2017 meant that many physical, emotional and practical adjustments had to be made.The biggest adjustment in the early stages was to having a septic tank and no town water! That was a huge change, and to top it off, we had to pay a plumber for a contract to service the unit several times a year.

But the smell! How were we going to survive that?? If the wind blew the wrong way, (and any way seemed to be the wrong way), the house reeked of sewage, and nowhere, inside or outside, was pleasant to sit and relax. The plumbers didn't seem to have an answer, turning the agitator up, turning the agitator down, shutting the windows (!), changing the taps to allow water to run to the garden, all to no avail. We were very careful to buy "septic safe" detergent products for both the laundry and kitchen, making sure we did our bit in an effort to solve the problem.

The plumbing contract allowed us to have four visits per year, we certainly exceeded THAT number in our first year! THEN, we discovered Biomaster, and Flush-it. What a great discovery! The smell was greatly reduced, we could open the windows near the bathroom and get (almost) fresh air. We became conscientious users of Biomaster's products, despite the contract plumber's words "Oh no, don't use that". Did they even know what it was?

Time went on and we still got unpleasant "whiffs" from the septic tank but there came a time when we had to call a different plumber for another reason.
After a conversation about the septic tank the second plumber investigated and found that the silicone seal around the base of the toilet unit was cracked, thus releasing odours directly into the house. The crack was sealed with silicone, no more nasty smells in the house or around the house outside. What a relief! It was possible to invite visitors to our new abode, without the anxiety of being unable to provide gas masks for them.

We have changed the plumbing arrangements and continue to use Biomaster products with great faith that the septic system is now being managed as well as possible. In the short term Flush-it solved our problem and we believe that it will be a great product into the future.

~ Leonie and Claire L

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