Compost Made Easy

Compost Made Easy

Sick of failures – scared of doing it wrong? COMPOST MADE EASY.

Is there is an easy way to make compost?

It seems that most people would love to turn their kitchen and garden waste into nutritious water saving compost if they could do it without spending hours turning heaps or handles. Also they don’t want to be too picky as to what material can be composted. In other words – is there an easy quick way to do it?

The answer is YES. A bucket with a lid under the kitchen sink can be the receptacle for all your kitchen scraps. Some citrus peels are a bit thick and it would be helpful if they were sliced or roughly chopped in the food processer, but they are OK to use.

Sprinkle the bucket contents lightly with Compost-It Compost accelerator and when your bucket is 1/3 and then 2/3 full.

Again when full to the top.

Add the contents of your kitchen waste bucket to the heap or whatever device you choose to use.

The material will already be partially broken down and most compost will be ready for use in 4 weeks. If you have a worm farm you can still add a handful of the partly decomposed material from the bucket to the worm farm.

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