We welcome MintX bags to the range

We welcome MintX bags to the range

Biomaster MintX Bags Rubbish

If your problem is pests getting into your garbage bags and scattering your

rubbish around the yard or street, there is an answer.

Bad smells from garbage bins don’t have to be endured.

Leaking and untidy bins are a health hazard

Keep the bin raiders away from your bins the easy way.

Discover this proven way to keep mice, cockroaches, possums and other pests

away from your bins. The results speak for themselves.

Because these miracle bin liners are reusable several time over there is a cost


MintX bag rubbish biomaster information

The soft aroma of mint instead of the odour of garbage makes a trip to the bin

a pleasant experience instead of a bin it quick and get out of there!

These revolutionary mint infused bin bags are safe for humans and pets.

No more bin washing – an unlovely job and a waste of water, time and money.

Love your bin and give it Mint-X bags. Available in several sizes in packs of 25.

For more information or to order phone Biomaster 1300 657570

Check out the video for more information

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