Blocked septic tanks and smells solved with teabag sized sachets

Blocked septic tanks and smells solved with teabag sized sachets

Having problems with blockages and smells in your septic tank doesn’t mean you have to get it pumped out. When you get a pump out you lose all the good beneficial bacteria that makes your tank work efficiently. Pump outs cost $300-$800 on average. If your drain field is squelchy with greasy pools on the surface or wet areas, don’t get it dug out and moved or replaced – this costs $7,000 - $10,000 on average.

By adding good beneficial bacteria with a tea bag size water soluble sachet you can increase the activity to get your system working as it should. The bacteria break down the waste material so that what leaves the main tank is ready to go into the distribution tank and out into the drain field. Some of the beneficial bacteria leave the tank and enter the drain field and continue to work within the drain field. Untreated material leaving the drainfield can contaminate the underground streams for up to 52 kilometers.

For the average family (up to 6 people) one Flush-It sachet flushed down the toilet once a month is all that is required to keep your system functioning and smell free. So for the cost of 2 cups of coffee a month isn’t it worth looking after your septic system, to be pro-active and look after this very essential asset? When your toilets don’t work the whole family suffers.

Save the worry and expense of a badly functioning system. Use Flush-It once a month.

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