The Secret of Mother Natures Plant Food

The Secret of Mother Natures Plant Food

Nothing is as satisfying or rewarding as comments from friends you have shared your home grown produce with such as “Gee they were the tastiest I have ever eaten – how do you do it?”

Changing the way you garden by understanding your plants needs for biodiversity in the soil is the secret.


Rotted manure and leaf mould have their uses but they lack a diversity of microorganisms.

By  introducing  Kitchen organic waste into your compost which hosts

this diversity of microorganisms you can produce a true nutrient rich compost.

In the process of decomposition your compost has two basic uses :-

ACTIVE (mulch) where the product still retains its original form but freely breaks up when rubbed between your hands.  This is beneficial plant food and can be achieved in 18 days using Compost-It.

STABLE (compost) when half the product has completely decomposed into humus which has the ability to both hold and release water and air, but the plant nutrients have diminished.  Very good for the soil. 

Can be achieved in 4 weeks using Compost-It.

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