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Flush-It® 2-Pack - Septic Tank Treatment Product - Normal

Flush-It® 2-Pack - Septic Tank Treatment Product - Normal

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Flush-It® 2-Pack is most commonly purchased by people giving it a go for the first time. 

We suggest putting one down each toilet to clean the pipework and give the septic system bacteria count the boost it has been needing.

There are many things that can cause your system to fail and the most common ones are due to a low bacteria count. It is also important to make sure that you are using 'Septic Safe' cleaning products and avoiding any anti-bacterial product.

One Sachet is sufficient for up to six people for a month and if you have more than one toilet make sure you alternate to keep the pipework clean.

Top Tips:

  1. Let the Sachet dissolve in the toilet bowl (always fun to watch) and then flush.
  2. Best done last thing at night so the bacteria can eat the waste in the pipework.
  3. If a family member is on heavy medication you may need to use Flush-It® more frequently to fight the antibacterial elements in their waste.


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